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"Please Read My Letter Below"
"I didn’t start small, I started from nothing at ALL! "

But three numbers changed my life! The three numbers I'm talking about were 486, 715 then 816..

I always knew how important these numbers were to having the basic necessities in life, like a good job or business, nice house, nice car and much needed credit..

But because of some unforeseen events in my life, I lost everything and I was not able to recover until I had my numbers above average!

Are your credit scores between 400 and 620? Well let me guess, you also struggle to get all the things you need & want? If so, you need to hear about the solution that changed my life and virtually all the lives of others that found it too!

Check This Out. 
Imagine If?

- you could have the credit scores you need to get all the things you want..

- you had credit limits that were high enough to really feel good about..

- you could get approved for your dream house and dream car without crazy down payments..

- you could consolidate your accounts and pay one low payment each month instead of multiple high interest payments..

- you could use your good credit to help a family member out of a jam..

- you could get approved for business credit..

- for once you did not feel nervous or uneasy when you applied for a loan..

- for once you got instantly approved instead of waiting for a letter in the mail..

- you went to the mall and got approved for each store account you applied for..

- you had all platinum cards in your wallet instead of entry level cards..

- you got limit increase notices instead of closed account notices..

- your birthdays felt like days you got blessed instead of a day that you had to make sacrifices or compromises to get what you wanted..

- you could take a trip and charge it to your credit card without planning 14 days in advance or flying coach..

- you could buy an investment property and qualify without having to have three co-signors..

Great news, you can. I know because I've already done it for myself and hundreds of clients..

Hey, It's Eric and not long ago I had really really bad credit..

I mean like 400 credit scores, and over 49 negative accounts, including 2 evictions, 2 repossessions, 29 charged-off credit cards, 9 medical bills, 1 defaulted student loan, 11 delinquent parking tickets, 3 bad check systems files, 3 cell phone collections and to top it all off


Yes its ALL TRUE.. I even wrote a book about it "From HomeLess to BlackCards"..

Yep.. But one day after months of struggle and trying to fix my credit myself and then hiring multiple fake credit repair companies I decided to get a job at a credit repair company to pirate their skills and their dispute letters..

I worked very hard at Vivix Credit Solutions for about 15 months and saw almost all my clients get crazy good results.. So much so that our office had over 114 Google reviews, 100 plus Yelp reviews and 70 or more Yahoo reviews..

But just as you know when you are good at anything the haters will not believe your reviews or even try to get them removed..

So now Vivix Credit Solutions has recorded over 400 video testimonials.

Check some of them out on our YouTube channel..

All those people can't be lying.. Really go check them out.

But anyway after seeing hundreds of my clients get massive results, I decided to enroll myself in our fast credit repair services and quickly my 486 score jump to a 715 and then to 816 after using our free credit rebuilder program. I can’t tell you how my life has changed since my scores were dramatically increased.

However, the editor of Black Image Magazine was so impressed with my rags to credit story that I was featured in an article entitled "Las Vegas Fast and Furious" standing in front of some of my exotic cars that I now own.

And believe it or not I currently have two Blackcards in my pocket and I don't make much more money than you..

Who would have guessed that after my past credit problems that I could now have credit that would take me from homeless to my dream home, dream cars, and Blackcards.. Not me!!

So, I've been giving back through my private coaching and my free credit repair workshops at our Vegas office, 7795 West Sahara Ave Ste 101 A-B.. You should sign up for it by adding your contact info in our form!

I also speak at local auto dealers, real estate offices, mortgage companies and as key note at local chambers of commerce.

I even spent almost 3 years on the radio co-hosting a show "Help Your Life" sharing my story and giving away credit repair tips.

I truly believe the exposure from my radio show was the deciding factor to Vivix Credit Solutions being the only credit repair company at the June 2013 press conference standing with & supporting the "Home Again - Nevada Homeowner Relief Agenda" of the Attorney General to help
current & former Nevada homeowners recover from credit challenges resulting from a failed home loan modification..

So if you are tired of having bad credit and need it fixed fast, so you can potentially get your dream house, dream cars, or a new job, or to start your own business..

Just call us 702-434-4414 and let one of our credit experts set you up for a FREE Credit Report & Credit Score Review.. No tricks, no pressure just get the help you need!   It literally changed my LIFE and I never thought after 15 years I would still be working at Vivix Credit Solutions, but I can't repay this company for what they did to improve my credit.. While every credit situation is different, Vivix did everything they could to make the process faster and more efficient. Results will vary.

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Each consumer has the right to obtain a FREE copy of their credit report from Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion once every year and once after each credit denial.
It is important to scrutinize your credit report for serious errors such as:
  • Delinquencies that are older than seven years old, or accounts listed as delinquent that don't include the date of delinquency.
  • Bankruptcies that are older than ten years or that aren't listed by the specific chapter. 
  • Judgments or paid liens older than seven years.
  • Paid off debts listed as unpaid.
  • Accounts that were included in a bankruptcy filing that are still listed as "past due" instead of as "included in bankruptcy".
  • More than one collections account for the same debt.
  • Collection accounts that don't show the date that the original account went delinquent.
  • Any account, delinquencies, collections, and so on that aren't yours. 
  • If any of the above mentioned errors are on your credit report you need to know your rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. You have the following rights:
  • The right to dispute the errors. 
  • The right to have the erroneous information corrected or deleted.
  • The right to a written response from each credit bureau after the completion of its investigation.
  • The right to add a consumer statement to your credit file.
  • The right to sue if a creditor or collection agency violates your rights per the FCRA and FDCPA.
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Vivix Credit Solutions is a Licensed and Bonded Credit Services Organization. We have successfully assisted countless clients improve their credit profiles with Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. While every credit situation is different, Vivix will do everything we can to make the process faster and more efficient. Results will vary.
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